Learning enhanced technology in Oulu University 1. lecture

Learning environments

The first lecture in Oulu university educational faculty among young students, good-mannered and coming from different countries. Me as a senior, a retired class-teacher still wanting to learn new things in life. When will it stop?

Learning in this course will happen individually and in groups, self-regulating and by technology enchanted learning. We will go to practices through theories. (My old studies are from the 1970´s, which I put into practice in 36 years at school.)


There will be lecture of a professor of quality learning, actually it was today, but I am blogging about the first lecture. Teachers will be Dr. Jari Laru, Dr. Essi Vuopala, Professor Sanna Järvelä, Aino-Maria Palosaari and Lara-teacher from Germany for beeing six week´s time in Finland as a Finnsight teacher or something. We will do collaborative work, flexible programs and use technology when it is needed. We´ll  have to use theories in teaching. First theory of learning sciences and then practice in the projects.

A school project with no bureaucracy of Oulu city

The projects will solve some problems in a company or in a school. There are a lot of technological issues to solve for the benefit of a school.

I wrote down a lot, because I have been doing so since my early years at comprehensive school in Lappajärvi. I used this time an iPad for notes, not a pen any more. That has changed, I like the new technology a lot. Finally for our projects, we do not have bureaucracy in Oulu.