The third LET/2014 weeks 41-42

Wait for pictures!

  • Face to face:
  • ICT-workshop on Monday or on Tuesday with Dr Laru
  • Lecture ‘Applying research in the Week 41 in INTRO-course healt of learning and educational technology’ on Thursday
  • Groupwork on Friday: Starting to prepare final course products (digital stories) Pavi is reading our product which was made by iMovie
  • Individually:
  • Reading the last article related to the theme of the lecture.

Portfolio assignment 4:  Evaluation assignment

  • Describe how your understanding about educational technology and pedagogical use of ICT has developed: What did you learn? Which points/ideas/issues you didn’t understand? What questions raised into your mind? Which issues you got specially interested in?
  •  Read at least two blogs by your fellow students and give him/her comments concerning both the contents and technical implementation of the blog.
  • When evaluating the blog, you can utilize the evaluation criteria of this course.
  • When evaluating the technical implementation you can pay attention to visual aspects, technical functionality and logic of the structure.

14.10.14  Cloud-based interactive whiteboard etc.

Laru´s ICT-workshop is always interesting and I remember his northern-ostrobothnia dialect. That is learning! This time we were learning these “things”:

  • Smartamp,
  • Platform independent
  • Modern art
  • Aurasma studio websites,
  • Application integrate websites, images and videos
  • Open Sancore, traditional, from Lousann originally
  • Pier Dillenburg´s nest, vild ideas, they connected videos, villejä ideoita, yhdistivät videotykin, trukit liikkuvat simoidusti, hyllyjä, simulaatiota.
  • Qr-codes
  • Smartamp nouseva älytaulukategoria vuorovaikutteinen, maksullinen
  • Twiddla, charge-free and independent, ilimanen älytaulusovellus, smarttisofta viimesen päälle

Digital stories 17.10.14 viimeinen kerta

Four different teams to evaluate movies. Consentrate. Let´s watch all the stories on Storyboard! Where was I?