Stories of Finnish women

A women´s organization in Finland

I was participating in a seminar in Jyväskylä, which was organized by a little, but old Organization of Finnish women, Suomalainen Naisliitto, has filled 100 years and there are about 500 members in it. It also belongs to a greater variety of different women´s organizations in  Finland. The main task of this women´s organization has been and still is supporting women´s rights of e.g. voting, education, freedom of speech, non-violence environments and life, possibilities of having a family and taking care of it.

A Finnish woman values education

The equality of the genders is perhaps the most important issue of The Finnish Women´s Organization (unofficial translation of English). Originally the organization was named by a Finnish writer and journalist Minna Canth, who wrote especially about women, who lived in utmost poverty. She wrote of the tragedies of many Finnish women, young and old.

Her and other women´s work for the equality of learning, technology and education continues in the frames of today. I hope my thoughts go furher in my fellow students thoughts. A bit at least.

This special lady, Minna Canth (1844-1897) has got her portrait on the Norwegian airplanes. That is something! An by the way, I have taken some photos for CNN. That is a little step. Minna 

What technology can do for a better world?

Partisipating  to Nordisk Forum in Malmö in June made a good impact on me of the woman´s world globally. I took hundreds of photos and many videos and got aqainted with many multicultural women and understand now, that especially women can make a better world with education, technology and international co-operation in the world. Madeleine Rees works for that aim too, as I understood in Nordisk Forum.

Stories of women, her stories

My LET studies will hopefully give me a technological knowledge of the means of open platforms, which would make it possible to gather the stories of remarkable women in Finland as Suomalainen Naisliitto will be doing in the near future. It is easier now since there are so many new technological possibilities for that work. I think of some examples like Confluence Wiki and Google Sites. Any suggestions?