“How to” is a good question in LET studies

What I have learned more in LET studies this week:

  • How to understand really what collaboration CSCL, SRL means
  • How to empty old files from the computer
  • How to empty a sd card from a Windows Phone and unlock it before putting it to the computer
  • How to organize photo memory cards into plastic bags and name them properly
  • How to watch photos on television simply by using the memory card reader
  • How to use Google Hang Outs on Air
  • How to make a PearlTree profile of blog teaching expertice
  • How to make better YouTube videos
  • How to speak, write and understand more English
  • How to teach blogging
  • How do make tutorials with QuickTime Player
  • How a simple thing, like painting aquarelle, needs guidance as any learning

Bambuser saved a bit of knowledge of CSCL

Collaborative work on a Friday in University of Oulu with the exchange students

These was the home work for today.

I read the article, which I didn´t understand deeply. Still I could follow the discuss and was participating in that scientific approach of the task by recording speech, when Eva was drawing our wisdom of CSCL. That means Computer Supported Collaborative Learning. We took a historical aspect to CSCL.

It is very good for the understanding to see thing drawn down. Teaching is for me back-to-basics with a pen or chalk and a chalkboard, which this time was an app Explain Everything. Luckily it was familiar to me since #MobileSummer2014 which was held by Hämeenlinnan Ammattikorkeakoulu,  Institute of Applied Sciences of Hämeenlinna.

I need time to cope with technical environments. I was also lucky, when a fellow student came to ask what was the app i was using to record our collaborative learning in a Box (a small room in the corridor). It was a swedish “uppfinning”, Bambuser.

This is my Bambuser where you can find five shots of our collaboration of SCSL.

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