My ten facts about Finland

1. A small democracy

The Presidential Palace of Finland in Helsinki.

Helsinki in photos, Helsinki Summer 2017, Seurasaari Helsinki

Finland is situated in the Northernmost part of Europe. Between Russia and Sweden. We have been an independent democratic state for a hundred years time.

Sea Fortress of Suomenlinna

Sea Fortress of Suomenlinna has seen terrible years of civil war in the front of Helsinki.

2. Society

The Finnish society is based on trust, on the official and the private sectors. Free and open education from the kindergarten (from pre-school 5 years) to the university.

People do not talk to strangers but ”seeing” them as OK, nearly everybody you meet on the street is honest, true, can read and write, is educated and speaks also English but as a native language either Finnish, Swedish or Sami.

Finland is critically open for multicultural changes. Especially educated people are mostly welcome here to work. We might sometimes be angry at unjustice and class differentiation in other countries.

Start educating yourself where ever you are. It is the Finnish way.

3. The school system

Log campus of Pudasjärvi, the new era in building healthy school buildings

Greeting with a song at a graduation at the university of Oulu 2017.

At the age of seven children usually start their path of school, start to learn to read and write, calculate, arts, singing together, drawing and painting, doing gymnastics and science.

Children start also co-operation, co-learning, learning to innovate, create, behave nicely among themselves and towards grown-ups.

They learn from each other how to ski, icescate, love the nature, go to the library to lend Moomin books for free in due to the public library system.

Finnish children learn cross-country skiing and trekking in winter conditions in school and with families.

The Finnish school is the same everywhere in the country.

I have had a most multi-talented colleagues for all my working life at school. University education as an academic background. Also teachers in the kindergarten have mostly a university exam or two.

4. Geography

Finland´s geographical site by Russia and a united history with Sweden has given us premises where to live, what to do for our country.

My childhood in the Southern Ostrobothnia was far away from the Russian border so we hardly were afraid of our Easter neighbors. Sweden was our dreamland. Still is. Today we have a lot of Russian people living and working here.

5. Nature

Reindeer are flying also in Finland. This is a reindeer mum who is looking after its calf in a big hurry. Beware of them, car drivers! Do not separate them from each other.

The Finnish nature with Everyman´s Rights guarantees for free moving in nearly everywhere.

Over 10 000 lakes (I did not count them for this moment), vast forests and moss, with a vast wilderness of Lapland and some other areas. Wet areas on the West Coast. High areas in the Eastern Finland.

National Park of Syöte

Our system of National Parks is unique. Free access to the Nature paths (few cottages you have to pay for overnight).

Field mustard in Hailuoto

Agriculture products are basically for our own benefits with strong national support. Still many farmers are in difficult situation with low-priced products from some southern countries.

The island of Hailuoto is just in the front of Oulu. The whole island is official national scenery.

We used to buy butter from Sweden (for baking).

Earlier we did some smuggling from Sweden (Not me!). That was by the border of Finland and Sweden mostly after the war.

Haparanda in Sweden is our neighbor. Many of the Finns have their origin in Sweden and vice versa.

This sign is on the most free border between Finland and Sweden in a united city of Haparanda-Tornio in Lapland.

6. Innovations

Finland gives a lot of public money to innovations and entrepreneurial efforts through  many systems.

Universities are open for everyone skilled and develop surrounding environments in a science co-operation.

Citizens outside EU pay nowadays a fee for studies here and Finland seems to be an attractive and safe society for academic studies. We are very open for innovative and highly-skilled professionals.

Kielo Innovators are taking part in a innovation process at the university of Oulu 2017.

7. Technology

Technology as been one of the success areas in Finland al least for thirty years, especially along with Nokia´s development (Waiting for 5G or even better, 6G). There are now a lot of private, small technology enterprises based on former Nokia professionals´s knowledge and innovative attitude especially in Oulu. 

8. Industry

Traditional industry got strong sparks from some big countries after the Second WW when we had to pay Sovjet for the war.

My father spent five years in the war, had children during the war and after the war, educated all of us, showed a way of life-long education. Many other families did the same, educated their children.

Women are building the Finnish society in the homes or in the work outside home. That’s why the maternity box was a success until now. Also free school lunch and children’s benefit system have been helping families.

9. Culture

Culture is multi-sided like music, theater, products of writers, authors, photographers, sportsmen of ice hockey, soccer, rally etc. Many also world famous. Kalevala ( a collection of poems school children have to read) has made a lot for the Finnish identity.

SnowCastle of Kemi 

The SnowCastle of Kemi is very Finnish but also very international. Winter architecture, ice carving and snow structure building.

10. Language

The Finnish language is rather peculiar in one sense. The letters are basically pronounced as written which make it is easier to start reading and writing.

I know that as a teacher who has taught children to read for 36 years. The literacy are high, but we also have to learn multiliteracy skills for the Internet time.

One language means that people understand each other better, they can make a unite Finnish history. Mother language is the language people feel and express their thoughts better. Even if English seem to be more than a must in society.

Everything in the society works fine in Finnish and also in Swedish with are the official languages of Finland.

Sami language has a special position in Finland.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE (What will happen to it in the future?) has had a strong impact on the Finnish soul and good language.


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