Roses in the snow time!


Memorizing in Ainolanpuisto

These roses are now sleeping their winter sleep in Oulu, but I happened to be there when it was Summer and all these beautiful roses were flourishing in the rosary of Oulu City Park, Hupisaaret, Ainolanpuisto. The roses showed at their best.

It was not the first time I took photos of the roses there but I, as many other citizens of Oulu, are accustomed to visit Ainolanpuisto several times a year on every season.

Once upon a time I even did paint some paintings there of an imaginary Chinese lady! After that I have met several young student and Summer internees from China at the university of Oulu. My world has become more global. Has yours?

Kiinalaisnainen puistossa
Oil painting of an imaginary Chinese woman sitting under apple trees in the City Park of Hupisaaret, the area of Ainolanpuisto. Ritva Rundgren 2004.

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