Piippolan vaari, Old Mac Donald in Rytivaara

This video is made during my LET studies (learning enhanced technology) at the University of Oulu, Educational Faculty, Finland. The application is Puppet Pals, You can use ready pictures, drawn pictures of your own or photos. Since I always have drawn as a school teacher, this application is just great!

The house is from Rytivaara, which is in the Iso-Syöte, Finland. It is a very beautiful area for recreation during all the seasons. It is very odd, that a family survived in a lonely farm like this. It was really far from other villages and people. They lived on farming and having cows and reindeer. At winter it was so cold, like -40C at times.



I didn´t put any music in the video, because sometimes just a human voice with images might be interesting. The reindeer speak a bit peculiarly but they do sound really so. Other animals´s voices you regognize, of course!


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