The Second weeks in LET/2014

Portfolio assignment 3 (weeks 39-41) 28.9. – 12.10.2014. Questions and assignments again for me!

  • Describe how your understanding about educational technology and pedagogical use of ICT has developed:
  • What did you learn?
  • Which points/ideas/issues you didn’t understand?
  • What questions raised into your mind?
  • Which issues you got specially interested in?
  • Confluence Wiki Oulu
  • Face to face:ICT-workshop on Monday or Tuesday.  Lecture ‘Innovating pedagogy’ on Thursday.Jigsaw III on Friday.
  • Individually: Blog task III. Reading an article for third jigsaw. Remember to mark into the Materials- page which article you will read.
  • Oppimisen muuttuva maasto:  No one else was interested in that, so I discussed of other articles.3.jigzaw 3.10.14,
  • Sitra, Robert Nelson, Arvot, Suomi, Future landscapes of Learning.

Artikkelissa käsiteltiin muun muassa työelämän muutosta, sen monipaikkaisuutta, arvoja, yleissivistystä ja luovuutta. Siinä mainittiin oppimisen moniulotteisia tiloja. Joustavat tutkinnot ja osaamisportfoliot, epälineaariset urat ja yhteisöllinen oppiminen on tulevaisuutta ja osin tätä päivää. Oppimista kehittämällä päästään taantumasta taloudelliseen nousuun Suomessa.

LARA, six weeks as an exchange researcher. This is the last day of her. I remember she was speaking of globalization.

Essi says:

NOTE! Add the title of your Explain everything-presentations, which are in Group products-folder. Those of you who were absent on Friday: Watch the videos (in Group products-folder), and give your comments in commenting area below the page.

I have made myself accquinted with Explain Everything and used it before, but did I do the task?

Lectures in a flow

Then follows an interesting lecture of Pia Näykki on 9.10.14  and there was a research elited team of also Vera, from Saarland University and Heikki Kontturi from Oulu University.

  • Effective collabrative learning and collaborative learning. There is a video about that, but where? Maybe in YouTube. It was about Internet and higher education. Study III. Study IV
    – My theses work is now left for the examiners, saidPia Näykki or Heikki Kontturi?
  • I thought Heikki Kontturi was a very interesting lecturer, but he spoke in Finnish, so others did not understand it properly. Heikki Kontturi told that it was his first PSE. He is the developer of Ubiko and he has made research in his own class at school in 2007.
  • Ubiko examines, how and what kind of school supports inspiration and gifted children to lear more.
  • At Oulu University Trainer College. Kuva.
  • He tells, that he made the study with pupils on the grade. There were six pupils who needed extra guidance. An architect, Heikki Luminen was planning the learning environments. We have five different classes and the tables are easily moveable.
  • Tämä oli alakoulussa, ja opettajaopiskelijat kävivät vierailulla ja opettivat siellä. A black sheep, it was fun for me as a student, kun opettajaopiskelijana kävin siellä.
  • SRL self regulated learning. Google form /a paper /Edmodo. Luokanopettajan vastuulla oli aineiston viikottainen kerääminen.
  • Tuhat päiväkirjaa ja yksi tai kaksi lausetta perjantaina iltapäivällä muistiin.
  • Coding in Nvivo
  • Kysymyslomake MSLQ.Tuloksena. Pinnallinen oppiminen 92 pros. Yhteisöön liittyvä oppiminen 4pros. Ymmärtämistä tavoitteleva oppiminen 4 pros. Intereest. Tyhjä, ei vastaa 4 pros. Ei omaa kiinnostusta 32 pros. Oma kiinnostus 64 pros. Olisi pitänyt olla englanniksi tämän luennondiat. Trend line high and lower …. I miss my pupils, a bit better salary, I want to finish my thesis work
    – Kids were motivated, sanoo ? Mathematic corner or a lot of other places in the classroom, freedom.
  • Vera from Saarland University was very lively lecturer, who didn´t leave me cold. Ensi vuonna teen thesikseni valmiiksi. What do you think about? Lecture joka paikassa sama malli opiskelijat jäävät passiivisiksi, focusing on mobile devises. Mitä teknlogisia välineitä opiskelijat käyttävät ja miten se vaikuttaa luennoitsijan tyyliin.
    Pitää olla aikaa ohjeisiin. Audience-responsive system. Aloitimme opettajien aktivoinnilla. Media activities in lectures. Multitasking ei voi tehdä tutkimusten mukaan. Laitetaan verkkoon luennot. Opiskelijoiden Laptop seuraamista luennoilla tutkimuksessa.
    Wampire elokuvaa katsoi joku opiskelija luennon aikana. Mitä luennoitsijaan vaikuttaa mitä opiskelijaan vaikuttaa media activity. Backstage
    Saksaa. Kysymysten jälkeen tunnelma tipahti, koska opiskelijat ajattelivat, että free time now. Opiskelijat halusivat olla backstagella. Uusi tulos. Vapaasti voi mennä luennolle tai olla pois, ei nimilistoja. Educational students are shy to bribg their devises to the lectures. Lähetetty iPadista
  • Basics 7.10.14
    PLE. Screencast videoedit publishing. Roomware pdas iwbs. Programming. Installation of services. Blogeista ple henkilö
    Quick time. Mav imovie nopeutettu irenen ym. opetusta 10 elokuvaeditointiohjelmassa. Finnish Survival Kit Youtube, muistaakseni.
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2 thoughts on “The Second weeks in LET/2014

  1. Hi Ritva,

    Thank you for an interesting and personal blog 🙂 . It’s really wonderful to have you in the LET-studies.

    It was really nice to read your blog. The structure is pretty clear and coherent. I especially liked the idea of embedding quite a lot of pictures, links and videos in between text chapters. It made reading more fluent and easy. Well done!

    In one of your blog posts you wrote (in Finnish): ‘It’s not easy to bring the results of learning research into daily teaching practices’. I agree with you in this. Practices are developing much slower than the research. Also there are lot of results in research which are never applied in teacher’s practices. Obviously, there is a gap in knowledge transfer between researchers and teachers. To answer this challenge our faculty has started to emphasize research-based teacher education where all teachers are conducting research and also aiming to commit their students into research practices. This could help the future teachers to develop their teaching through scientific research and also help them to apply scientific knowledge in their daily work.

    Although you discuss about some key issues in INTRO-course, I missed reading more of your own opinions and thoughts. Now you mainly summarize what has been presented in lectures and in articles. In your upcoming posts you could reflect different course topics more detailed and include your own argumentation.

    But to sum up, you have succeeded well with your educational technology studies so far 🙂 . Keep on going the same way.


    1. Essi, hi!

      Thank you for your comment! It means a lot, that a teachers says her opinion on a pupil´s work. You know, that there is always some kind of respect between a pupil and a teacher no matter the years of age. The respect is based on teacher´s knowledge and on our tradition and what I have learned at school as a child. At home it is a very complex situation, if the egg teaches the hen, and the hen is anyway the supporter!

      I agree to the comments you made on my blog and will learn from them. These studies have been a difficult period, but I have come to a new phase, as you said earlier in your lecture.

      I just came from an internet writing course, which was held in Helsinki. There I learned (new) things like tagging and using links, “hakukoneoptimointia” for a bigger project. I was representing an organization and felt it was really superb that I now study educational technology here at Oulu University.

      As a learner I am more a project-person, who starts projects rather easily, but leaves them undone. Well, not always, but sometimes. That I do not find very pleasant for myself. and hope others do not suffer from it very much either. I hope to survive this course to the end, but if not, I have still learned a lot as A-Many-playground-player, A-multitasking-person. But still learning many things and making my life interesting.

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