“How to” is a good question in LET studies

What I have learned more in LET studies this week:

  • How to understand really what collaboration CSCL, SRL means
  • How to empty old files from the computer
  • How to empty a sd card from a Windows Phone and unlock it before putting it to the computer
  • How to organize photo memory cards into plastic bags and name them properly
  • How to watch photos on television simply by using the memory card reader
  • How to use Google Hang Outs on Air
  • How to make a PearlTree profile of blog teaching expertice
  • How to make better YouTube videos
  • How to speak, write and understand more English
  • How to teach blogging
  • How do make tutorials with QuickTime Player
  • How a simple thing, like painting aquarelle, needs guidance as any learning

2 thoughts on ““How to” is a good question in LET studies

  1. Hei Ritva,

    Sergej here. First and foremost, thanks for reading my blog and for giving the feedbacks. 🙂

    After going through your blog, I can surely say that I’ve enjoyed it – the design looks classy and the text is easily readable. Sadly, I couldn’t understand all the content, as some of the posts are in Finnish, but the content I was able to read is very good, I like how you supplement the lecture-related posts with some additional, extra information.

    The only piece of advice I can give is to include the bibliography at the end of the lecture-related (jigsaw-related in this case) posts. It’s something I had to pay more attention as well.

    Last but not least I find it very cool and inspiring that you still have this passion for learning new things and as eager to learn as we are. Good luck with all your future endeavors! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sergei! Your comments are really good. My background as a teacher has made some stubborn habits, that do not help me to understand the educational studies as scince.

      During LET studies there has been aa broader view on the educational research wchich has changed enormously because of technology. The scientist know more about learning and minor students, like me, are getting to find new ways of thinking.

      The atmosphere in classes has made possible to get to know new things. That is good for creative thinking, students are so innovative, inspiring and clever, that it reaches all over. The teachers’s role is essential. To feel one of the group is an enormous power.

      There has been one more impact on the atmosphere, a multicultural group. There are more similarities that differencies between individuals. We might see a better world even globally, if we do things work even if English seem to be more common in the world.

      The litterature lacks, that is true. At first it was really difficult to understand, how to put it here and reflect it to my learning. Thank you for encouraging comment!

      This reflection makes me to think of cognitivism and constructivism! Isn’t that learning!

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