Face-to-face, Collaborative and Individual learning

From Oulu University´s sites I can read, that we on this course of learning technology 418019P we learn Face-to-face for 50 hours and collaborate and learn individually for 80 hours:

In this course the students familiarize themselves with the theoretical background, core concepts, and contemporary tools of educational technology. The course introduces the students to the field of learning sciences and examines the role of learning and educational technology in a globalized world. One central goal of this course is to learn to use and evaluate technologies in pedagogically meaningful way. In this course students start to reflect on their own learning and expertise in a digital portfolio. 


1.How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School: Expanded Edition. (2000). Washington, DC: The National Academic Press

2. And/or other contemporary readings in the field of learning and educational technology, to be announced at the beginning of the course.

It took me for two weeks to get involved with the studying of LET, Learning Enhanced Technology. First of all I had forgotten all the theories of education, learning and teaching. Now I remember the old conceptions like behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism and transformative learning theory. I can add also multimedia in learning.

I started to read the book of How People Learn. My English got better very soon and I started to learn an expertise of my own. One of the young students had read the book already and formerly made notes of it for an assignment of collaborative learning.

I was at that moment out like a snowman. And many more hours learning together!

3 thoughts on “Face-to-face, Collaborative and Individual learning

  1. Hello, this is Lara. I am currently doing an internship in the LET unit and one of my tasks is it to comment on the LET students’ blogs. I am a student myself in a programme similar to LET (Educational Technology in Saarland University, Germany) and I hope I am able to give you some feedback on your blog from a peer-perspective.

    I could not read all of your posts of this year’s autumn, as my Finnish is not good enough to understand complex texts; thus I concentrated on the posts in English and I would like to share my thoughts about them:

    First, I want to say that I really appreciate that you decided to learn more about education and how technology can support it, after you retired as a teacher. It is indeed never too late to learn and I am sure you bring a lot of expertise and experience to our classes as you’ve been in service for many years. It is nice that you introduce the responsible teachers for the class (to clarify: I am not a teacher, but an assistant/intern and a student about to graduate in Germany).

    You describe how your usage of media has already changed and that you nowadays use an iPad to make notes instead of pen and paper. What do you think are the advantages or disadvantages of this shift?

    I agree with you that it is beneficial that the students first gain theoretical knowledge and then apply it in the real life to support learning and education e.g. in schools. There is no point in solely accumulating theories or solely trying out things without a solid background of knowledge. So it’s nice to combine both aspects.

    In your newest post you start with a display of the course’s learning objectives and literature. This is a nice way to start, in my opinion, as it clarifies for yourself and your readers the goals and contents of your posts and learning experiences. However, it would be beneficial if you additionally stated your personal learning goals. Of course they’ll be overlapping, but I am sure you also have your very own idea of what you want to achieve. Formulating these goals concretely can help you to study more goal-directed and in a meaningful way.

    I also want to comment on your blog in a more general way. Overall it makes a really good impression: I like the fact that you have several pages with different contents and it is interesting to also learn more about you as a person (I especially liked your “arts”-page!). Your texts are easily readable as you make use of appropriate paragraphs and different fonts. In your older posts, you occasionally include media like pictures. I’d be nice if you continued this also with the new posts: The integration of illustrating pictures, diagrams and/or videos can make your blog more appealing to your readers and explain your content.

    I am looking forward to read more from you! 🙂
    Best regards,

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